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Interior Painting

Full interior re-decorating, Re-painting existing rooms, bathroom renovations, Kitchen renovations. All facets of interior painting and decorating.


Interior Painting
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New Builds, Renovations

Excellent painting rates for new residential builds. One off projects, spec. builds, and multi house sub divisions.


New Work
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Interior Plastering, Stoppers

Plaster skim coat after wallpaper removal.
Plaster skimming to level 5 finish.
Gib stopping and plasterboard stopping.


Interior Plastering
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Airless Spray Painting

Airless spray painting is ideal to cover large areas quickly, with much less labor. Airless Spray Painting provides a thicker, more uniform coat than brush and roller painting. Thinning of the paint is not required for Airless Spray Painting


Spray Painting
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Commercial Painting

New and pre-loved commercial buildings, small or large. My painting expertise not only covers standard painting, but also covers Specialist Epoxy, and two pack Polyurethane.


Commercial Work
Roof painting

Roof Painting

Does my roof need painting? If you have a concrete roof, there is no need to paint it for the life of the roof. A corrugated iron roof will last longer if painted. Colorsteel roofs that remain dull after washing, or have patches of white showing through the color need immediate attention. Any metal roof that has rust on its surface will need treatment and painting.


Roof Painting
stained shadow clad picture

Exterior Painting

Whether your home is weather board, cedar, or Harditex, painting is pretty straight forward. However, if the coating has slipped into disrepair repainting can be quite costly. In the case of poor condition coating, choosing a painter with limited experience will cause failure in the long run and cost you money.


Exterior Painters
Solid plaster painting

Monolithic Cladding

My experience with Monolithic Cladding is very extensive. I have painted some of the most expensive Monolithic homes in Auckland as well as some of the cheapest. During these cladding systems' hey day I have held Insulclad, Special Finishes, and Glamatex Licenses, so I know what I am doing when it comes to re-coating these systems. Monolithic Cladding is pretty simple and easy to refinish. It shouldn't be expensive either.


Monolithic Painters

Samples of our painting work