Airless Spray Painting

Airless Spray will save production time, and therefore cost, when painting your home. Thinning paint, to save money, when using Airless Spray is pointless as the time taken to mix the paint exceeds the money saved. Airless Spray applies a thicker, and more even coat of paint than traditional brush/roller painting. Airless Spray, in my hands, leaves a far superior finish than brush and roller painting. Not every job suits Airless Spray. This can be due to proximity of other properties, excessive masking, or job size etc,. We are careful not to attempt jobs that do not suit spray painting. We also have Turbine HVLP spray painting equipment. Turbine HVLP generates almost no over spray, however it is slower than Airless. The advantage of HVLP is that over spray is minimal, making it useful for close proximity spray painting, and interior spray painting.


The correct tip size and pressure will determine the out come of any painting project attempted with airless spray. Many painters try to save too much time when using Airless Spray, by belting through painting jobs with big tips and high pressures. When you discuss the effect of pressure,tip size, and droplet size on over spray volume with these guys, their eyes glaze over. The picture to left is my over spray using Airless Spray, on one pass. As you can see it is pretty minimal.

Turbine HVLP Spray

Turbine HVLP is an air spray system that uses a fan unit to produce a high volume of air, at a low pressure.
Timber weatherboards are just one of many substrates that benefit from painting with HVLP. When a house painter brushes a weatherboard, the brush can drag paint off the sharp edge of the board. This leads to early failure, and is a common failure point with weatherboards. HVLP spray leaves ample paint on the front edge of the board, without excessive build up on the under edge or corners. As with all spray systems there are no lap marks


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