Interior House Painters

Better Painters are highly experienced interior house painters, with excellent attention to detail. We always allow time to properly repair cracks, and damage, when pricing your homes interior.
We spotlight all interior walls, prior to the final coat of paint, to ensure they are up to standard. Some interiors require more preparation than others, and this can increase the cost of your project. We will discuss any concerns with you, and offer the most affordable solution, that will bring about the desired result.
If your interior painting is part of a renovation, we can take care of the gib stopping/plastering also. You can expect excellent cutting in, minimal brush strokes, smooth laying off, and minimal roller texture. We even clean up when when we are done

Save Money

If you paint your home your self, you will save money. You may loose a few weekends, and you might hate it. If you don't wish to paint yourself, reducing, furniture, plus cleaning surfaces to be painted, will save you good money.
A room with no furniture is always quicker to decorate.
You are always welcome to do the sanding too :)

Painting Windows

If your interior windows look like this, you needn't worry. While these windows will take a little time, to properly prepare, they can be brought back to life.
Better Painters will have these windows looking good, in the quickest time possible.
Windows in poor condition will receive, after preparation, 1 coat oil based primer, 1 coat maximum adhesion acrylic primer, and 2 coats Acrylic enamel. This will ensure they will last for years to come, and out live our workmanship guarantee.

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