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The exterior painting on your home is more important than many believe. It is constantly exposed to the sun, wind and rain. Proper washing and preparation is paramount for longevity of exterior painting. Better Painters are experienced, and know what coatings need more attention, even if those areas look ok to others. That's the difference between a good paint job that lasts for years to come, or one that is being repainted in three. Better Painters is also skilled in oil based enamel, two pack systems, oil based stain for cedar,etc., and all waterborne finishes. There is not a coating we cannot apply to your home

Insulclad Painters

We offer a better price for Insulclad, Direct Fix, or Solid Plaster Clad homes. Better Painters have been involved with these cladding systems from the very begining, having held Insulclad, Special Finishes, and Glamatex Licenses. Our knowledge of these systems is quite extensive.
While we no longer install these cladding systems to new building contracts, we still repair, and repaint them. We only use Sika products for sealants, and Dulux or Resene paints.
Some companies do make these systems out to be more expensive than they are. Our expertise allows us to quote more accurately, and often lower than our competitors. That difference can be as high as 20%, for the same service.

Weatherboard homes

Better Painters have experience painting all exterior substrates, past and present.
Timber weatherboards require a high standard of preparation prior to painting in order to find weakness, and to cut back the oxidised surface of the existing paint. Prior to any house painting, the house must be washed. Better Painters does not use spray and blast house washers. We wash houses on the day we start, with a brush. We find it more thorough.
Some substrates painted in very dark colors, may exhibit cracking, or movement, or existing coating failure. Resene has tackled this problem with its Cool Color tinters. Clients should check that the color they want is available. Some existing colors will need a coat of white primer prior to the application of the Cool Colour top coats.

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