Gib Stoppers

Better Painters are experienced Plasterboard, & Gib Stoppers. We are also competant level five skim coat plasterers. We cover new work, existing work, and we provide wallpaper stripping.
We tape all joints with Fiber Glass, or paper tape. We do not use self sticking mesh tape.
We apply a minimum three coats to new plasterboard stopping.
We tape all joints, corners, and holes, for existing work, prior to skim coat plastering.
We use vacuum sanders to reduce dust. We thoroughly check all our work, with a spot light, to ensure our finished work is of the highest standard.
Better Painters know the standard following trades expect, and attend recalls, if any, the next day.

Wall Straightness

Older homes often have different degrees of timber frame, or stud, movement. This movement causes bulges in walls. These bulges are quite often noticable under wooden windows. While these bulges are not usually too visible, they will not be cured by skim coat plastering. Wall skimming, or skim coat plastering, serves to return the surface of the plasterboard to a smooth finish.

Gib Fixing

Better Painters does not provide gib board fixing, except to repair damage to walls.
Gib, or plasterboard, must be installed correctly. More often than not, we are confronted by poor fixing practices. Some of the most common include lack of glueing, incorrect screws, failure to observe light fall guidelines, failure to correctly install around openings and using too many short pieces to save money. Unfortunately this is not limited to DIY.
Better Painters gib stoppers are good enough to overcome most of these problems. We will advise of any potential problems, in terms of visibility or longevity

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