Monolithic & Solid Plaster Painters

picture exterior townhouse

Save up to 20% for Monolithic Painting

We offer a better price for Monolithic, or Solid Plaster Clad homes. Monolithic Cladding is pretty simple and one of the easiest to refinish, so we price accordingly. We Guarantee our finishes for 10 years. We have held Insulclad, Special Finishes, and Glamatex Licenses, so we know what is required when painting these homes. We have painted some of the most expensive Monolithic homes in Auckland as well as some of the cheapest.

Painting Solid Plaster or Insulclad

picture of weather board painting

Many painters would have you believe that painting Solid Plaster or Insulclad (Monolithic) homes is very expensive. Monolithic surfaces are more expensive to paint, but the difference isn't huge when one balances the lack of sanding etc. for weather boards Monolithic does use twice the paint of standard surfaces, however material is only one third of job cost, plus the paint for Monolithic costs the same per liter. Application is by roller over predominately large flat surfaces so its pretty easy. There is no real cutting in, as everything is masked. Sealing windows take about 20 mins per, and is easier than sanding weather boards. I would rather paint Monolithic than weather boards any day.