Roof Painters and Painting

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Get Your Roof Painted Cheaper

We can paint your Roof cheaper, and still Guarantee your freshly painted roof for ten years. The painting of your roof is important. After proper preparation, roof paint must be applied evenly, and to the film build recommended by the paint manufacturer. We only use Resene or Dulux for Roof Painting. The majority of roofs are sprayed, and this can cause complications when poor application skills allow paint to affect the rest of your building or surrounding buildings. We know what we are doing when it comes to roof painting and our roof paint goes where it is meant too

Concrete Tile Roofs

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Do I need to paint my Concrete Tile Roof? The answer to that question is NO.
There is no need to paint a concrete tile roof, ever. Any applicator who tells you that painting your concrete tile roof is needed to keep moisture out is pulling the wool over your eyes. You can paint a concrete tile roof for cosmetic appeal. If you have been told that concrete tile roofs require special High Build Acrylics, that is another porky. A concrete tile roof should be painted with 1 coat of Resene Sure Seal ( or similar) and 2 coats of Lumbersider ( or similar), after proper cleaning and preparation.