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We undertake all facets of Interior Plastering and Gib Stopping

We provide drywall gib stopping, and level five skim, to new or repaint work.
We also provide wallpaper stripping, and plaster skim coating, to make your walls better than new.
We tape all joints with Fiber Fuse, or paper tape. We do not use self sticking mesh tape.
We apply a minimum of two coats setting plaster, and one coat finishing plaster to all joints when gib stopping new work.
We use one, or two, coats setting plaster, and one, or two, coat finishing plaster, for skim coating. All joints and holes, during skim coat plastering, are taped with setting plaster prior to the first skimming coat.
We use vacuum sanders as much as possible to reduce dust. However, the best job is finished by hand. We thoroughly check all our work, with a spot light, to ensure our plastering work is of the highest standard, before we call it finished. As a Painter, I know the standard following trades expect.

We cover all your furniture, floors and carpet to ensure that your belongings are safe, protected from plaster dust and kept clean.

Why Choose Us for your Plastering or Gib Stopping work

Finished designer kitchen

I have been in the painting industry for nearly 30 years. You can be sure I know what am doing.

You will deal with me from quoting your gib stopping and plastering work, through to the completion of your work , so you needn't worry about unsupervised strangers in your home.

If your painter has problems with my work, I am back next day - Guaranteed

My pricing is generally lower than most, and I am happy to discuss discounts for hassle free prompt payment.

I only use recognized plaster products, so you can be sure your job will last.

I am very easy to deal with, so give me a call ( or txt ) on 0212350581 for a free quote today