15% Off Interior Painting & Decorating

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Interior Painting

As a smaller contractor we can offer the best prices for Interior painting. I am currently offering a 15% discount on Interior painting. We have been in business for over 20 years, and offer all the benefits of our larger colleagues without the added costs and overheads.

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Sanding and Dust

Dust can be an issue during interior painting. We control dust by covering your property, sectioning off areas we are painting in, and using vacuum sanders. We have large and small rotational vacuum sanders as well as low rpm orbital vacuum sanders. We check over our work before we present as finished.

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Saving Money Painting

If you paint your home your self, you will save money. You will loose a lot of time, and probably hate it. If you don't want to paint yourself, moving furniture, and cleaning surfaces to be painted will save good money. You are welcome to do the sanding too :)

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Interior Painting General

We always allow time for plastering cracks and splits when pricing an interior to be painted, so no need to hire a plasterer. All surfaces to be painted are cleaned and sanded. We have every sander needed, so preparation isn't challenging. We spotlight walls prior to the final coat of paint to ensure they are up to standard. Some interiors require more preparation than others, and this can increase the cost of your project. We will discuss any concerns with you and offer the most affordable solution that will bring about the desired result